Options & Pricing

How much does Mentor-net cost?

Our Mentor-Net service is available from 6 sessions @ £300 + VAT. Typically, this equates to 6 sessions lasting an average of 2 hours per session, with the first meeting FOC.  Normally you would have monthly meetings with your Mentor. Additional sessions are £60 + VAT each.

This fee can be paid upfront or by monthly direct debit.

By working in this way it allows you to tailor the time you spend with your Mentor to your needs, ensuring you get the most value possible from your time together.

Why do we charge?

Mentor-net is a not-for-profit organisation and like any business incurs costs in its running. Whilst our Mentors are all volunteers and give generously of their time, we need to invest in their development and support. We also need to ensure that our clients receive an efficient and effective service; a service that will be here for the long term.

We are also actively seeking further investment and funding from other sources and partners to ensure we can provide this type of support to small businesses for the long term.